Photos from Return to Crecy II (2015)

Crecy2aThanks to Mistress Lidia de Ragusa, M’lady Jacqueline, and M’lady Michele Dubois for the  photos

In the combat Photos, the white sheets represent pits with stakes and caltrops, etc that the English set up at the Battle of Crecy. Fighters who
step onto one of the sheets is deemed killed, and must return to their side’s resurrection point before rejoining the battle. The battle lasted until
a set number of fighters on a side were killed or a time limit was reached.


Crecy2-y4 Crecy2-y3 Crecy2-y2 Crecy2-y1 Crecy2j Crecy2i Crecy2-h15 Crecy2-h14 Crecy2-h13 Crecy2-h12 Crecy2-h11 Crecy2-h10 Crecy2-h9 Crecy2-h8 Crecy2-h7 Crecy2-h6 Crecy2-h5 Crecy2-h4 Crecy2-h3 Crecy2-h2 Crecy2-h1 Crecy2h Crecy2g Crecy2-f1 Crecy2f Crecy2e Crecy2d Crecy2c Crecy2b Crecy2-a4 Crecy2-a3 Crecy2-a2 Crecy2-a1


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