Siege Schedule



Siege MIC: Baroness Bessenyei Rozsa    


1:30 – 3:30 pm Siege of Calais/English attack (with combat archery and siege weapons)
Siege of Aiguillon/French attack (with combat archery and siege weapons)
(No Crecy Battle points)

Siege Battle Scenario:

Spray chalk will mark off the wall of the castle.
Armored defenders behind the wall cannot be attacked as they are protected by the walls.
Archers in the castle standing at the chalk mark can shoot out, and be shot by attackers.
There will be 2 doors marked that the defenders can exit out of, or fight at.
The siege engines will have to hit the “wall or gate” multiple times to represent reducing it.
(2 hits destroys a door, 5 hits destroys an 8 foot section of wall).
A destroyed section will be spray painted a different color.
A destroyed section can be fought in.
(defenders get 1 resurrection, attackers 3)
Siege engines and engineers will serve as both English & French attackers


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