Rapier Schedule


Rapier MIC: Mistress Etain of Sutherland 


  10:00 am – Inspection, authorizations and pick ups
  11:00 am –  Supply Train Raid
  12:00 noon – Broken Field Battle (Crecy Battle points)
  2:00 pm- Black Sword tourney (in Amphitheater) with pickups after the tourney.

 Rapier Battle Scenarios:

Commander of the French Army:
Commander of the English Army:   Master Elphin Ap Daffyd

Supply Train Raid  

Much of the 100 years war campaign involved the English laying waste to French villages and farms. The English army needed food so food stuffs were taken from villages and farms along the path of the English advance. This scenario involves the meeting of English supply wagons escorted by men at arms, and local French men at arms.

Broken Field Battle – a resurrection battle:

At Crecy, the English dug pits and strew caltrops and stakes in front of their lines. Much of the fighting would have taken place among these pits, especially the English counter attacks. We will have multiple sheets tacked down on the ground representing these obstacles and restricting avenues of approach that the French side must fight through. The points earned by both sides go to the overall event points for each side.

The battle ends in one of 2 ways:

1) When one side earns 100 points. Each kill inflicted on the opposing side is a point. Each French fighter to get off the field to the English rear is 2 points for the French.

2) If neither side reaches 100 points after an hour, the battle will end.


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