Arts and Sciences Schedule

Liaison: Lady Murin Dunn

7:00 am                                 (Saturday and Sunday-meet at check in area)      English are Coming! fun run    

10:00 am – 4:00 pm           Artisan’s Row                                                     Amphitheater

11:00 am  –  4:00 pm          Backlog Scroll Competition                         Amphitheater

9:00 – 11:00 pm                    Fetes de Rue                                                    Village of VanHoy

10:00 pm ’til the cows come home     Drum Circle                       meadow where the Wild People live

Artisan’s Row is open to any craftsman that would like to set up and demonstrate their art or science. The Row is located under the eve of the amphitheater, and has limited access to electric and water. Artisans requiring a site involving fire can be accommodated in the same area. Contact the Liaison for details and reservations.

Please check the posted schedule on site for class times.

Classes and Displays:

Lord Kazuhiko – The SCA for Newcomers. 10:00 am at the Grange.

Lord Talan Gof – Experience in Wire jewelry. Class includes a brief history. Students will learn how to make a basic wire cuff bracelet, and a 10th century Madyar bracelet. Private lessons by request. Cost: a donation to cover the cost of materials. Time: 1 pm through 4 pm.

Lady Anora – Learn how to make soft cheese on an open fire. The class will review cheese history and science, plus sample examples of different cheeses. Fire safety will be observed. Children are welcome with their parents. Handouts and sampling $2.00. No class limit.

M’lady Emily of Middlegate – beginning American Sign Language class. Maximum class size: 20 people. 2 pm.

Lord Gabriel the Traveler – open heraldic consulting table. Help for people who would like to register a device, name or just get heraldic information. Open between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm Saturday.

Lady Argent – spinning.

Lady Jdeke von Kolberg – Beginning Kumihimo (suitable for ages 11 and above). Learn the ancient art of Kumihimo braiding, on a convenient portable disk (use your imagination to make it a period tool). Class has $5 fee, which pays for a complete kit: disk, weight and thread. Class size: 10 people. Class time: 10:00 am.

Baroness Sajah bint Habushun ibn Ishandiyar al-Hajjaji – various and sundry scribal arts.

Lady Murin Dunn – Practicing safety on your pilgrimage to Pennsic: Historic and modern perspectives on heat related illness. 9 am Saturday.

Lady Murin Dunn – “Ring my Bell”: Head injuries and concussions” class at 1:00 pm.

Lord Iohone Munro –  demonstrating various aspects of leather working, including pyrography.

La Brocante (flea market) – Clean out your closets and your garages, bring your tables and sell your wares. This is a great time to stock up for Pennsic and let others take advantage of the treasures you no longer need. All are welcome to be a merchant for the day. Space will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and will be located in a covered space. For information, please contact: Mistress Caitlyn

Backlog Scroll Competition – with the theme of the 100 Years War and the Battle of Crecy. Contact Lady Murin Dunn ( for information. Contact the Atlantian Kingdom Backlog Deputy, Mistress Martelle ( or Martha Fletcher on FB PM) for scroll assignment. (After the event, any assignments requested for the competition and not entered will be voided unless the Backlog Deputy is contacted). (Crecy Battle points for all entries)

Fetes de Rue – a variety show format, featuring such notable Atlantian jongleurs as:
*Dunstan Herrimonger    *Morgan Wolfsinger    *Rosaland Jehan   *Ruaidhri an Cu
 *Derbhiled ni Liadhnian  * Efenwealt Wystle  *Robert and Anora 

The English are Coming! fun run –  beginner’s running clinic, all fitness levels welcome, no experience required, appropriate attire required (modern running shoes, any necessary supportive equipment), will cover basic running form and practice prior to 1 mile fun run around site. Meet at Gate at 7:00 am.



  1. Tori on 06.18.2016

    Where is the rest of the arts and sciences schedule? The cheese making and jewelry making?

  2. Jessica Rose on 06.23.2016

    Some of the classes got added at the last minute and didn’t make it on the website…sorry! bea

  3. Marion Leoncina da Susa on 05.15.2017

    I’m looking to teach a beginning hats and hair class. Can I get on the schedule for an afternoon session?

    In peace and in Service,
    M. Marion, Leoncina da Susa

  4. Axel Remes on 05.22.2017

    We just found your comment and are unsure how long ago it was placed….Did you make this comment recently in 2017?