Directions to Site and Site Map

Directions to Site (Van Hoy Campground)

Take your best route to I-77 Exit 65 (NC 901)
Turn toward Harmony NC at end of ramp
Turn right onto Jericho Rd
VanHoy Family Campground is about 300 yards down the road on your left

742 Jericho rd
Harmony, NC 28634

 Google Maps:,-80.8340587,1347m/data=!3m1!1e3

Map of “Crecy, France” 😉

1.  cavalry arena     2.  parking   3.  Gate (check-in)   4.  Roman Baths (swimming pool, showers and bathrooms)   5.   Village of Van Hoy (Ice, Fete de Rue stage, Internet access)    6.  Canton of Salesberie Glen campsite   7.  House of Grey campsite  8.  Barony of Hawkwood campsite  9.  Barony of Sacred Stone campsite  10.  RV, horse trailer and horse campsite  11.  Grange de Vache (Loaner clothing, Traveler’s Feast, Pot Luck)  12.  Amphitheater (merchants, classes, demonstrations, adult armored and rapier tournaments)  13. Youth armored fighting  14.  Adult armored and rapier battlefields  15.  thrown weapons and target archery ranges  16.  showers  17.  Wild people (drumming, loud sounds of joy throughout the night)  18.  Permanent RV camping (reservation only, off limits to everyone else)  19.  Course de Guerre


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