Event Steward:      Baroness Beatrice von Staufen  (803) 647-6441

         Gate Keeper: Lady Jdeke von Kolberg (
       MIC of Event and Armored Fighting:  Master Talorgen Hersir

       MIC of Target Archery: Lady Veronica Pasamonte and Lady Gracia Slay,

        MIC of Rapier:  Mistress Etain of Sutherland (

Roza      MIC of Siege:  Mistress Bessenyei Rozsa  (

    MIC of Cavalry: Lord August Von Fluegel  (

Murin    Artisan’s Row Liaison:  Lady Murin Dunn (

Edward thrown weapons guy     MIC of Thrown Weapons: Lord Edward Godale  (

Geffrei-portrait    Minister of the Lists:   Lord Geffrei Maudeleyne (

 Gise-Portrait  Herald: Mistress Gisela vom Kreuzbach  (
 colin-Portrait  MIC of Youth Armored Fighting:  Lord Gawain de Barri  (

  Newcomer’s Point: Lord Robert Shockley ( )

Kris Bulla     Children’s Activities:  Lady Dorothea del Medue (

Check Photo5     Fete de Rue Liaison: Sir Axel of Tavastia (
Chef de Cuisine (Saturday pot luck information):  Lord Johan Andersson (



  1. Ian the Ranger on 05.22.2017

    I’m trying to arrange for my horse and I to go but can not find any info.
    Will there be room for me and my horse if we just show up and pay at the event pkease

  2. Jessica Rose on 05.22.2017

    HiIan! I just sent you an email with the Information Packet attached. Let me know if you have questions! It will be really great to have you with us this year! Baroness Beatrice von Staufen